Monday, February 13, 2017

The Multiplication Bundle is Here!

Ok, in all truthfulness, it's been here.  I just forgot to blog about it.  ;)

All mini support packs (2-12) are in my store, and the bundle is there as well!

The bundle has all the support packs PLUS two additional exclusive freebies that are only available in the bundle.

And did I mention the bundle is discounted? That's right!  If you were to buy the mini packs separately, you'd pay $17.  While that's a fabulous deal for more than 30 practice activities, when you get the bundle you only pay $12.50!  Can I get a "Woot Woot!"?

And you get two exclusive freebies with it!  You get the Multiplication Pattern Mini Book and Factors and Multiples Puzzle Pieces which are only available in the bundle.

Head on over to my TPT store and download it right now!

Here's the rundown of what's included (copied from my store description):

Save money by buying this packet - get all of my multiplication mini support packs plus two exclusive freebies that are only available in this bundle!

Multiplication mastery is such a key component in other math skills for the remainder of a child's education. This packet provides practice and games in ways that engage students more than regular timed drills.

This bundle includes everything in all my multiplication support mini packs at a discounted rate and also includes 2 freebies you can only get in this bundle!

All activities are either low prep or no prep. Each of the packs include practice for the specific table being focused on and for cumulative review from 0-that number. For example, the twos pack includes two ways to practice twos, plus a review game for 0-2 mixed facts.

Included activities:
-circle the 2's
-2x2 art
-0-2 square garden cumulative practice game
-3's odd or even products
-Make a chain 3's game
-Race to 100 0-3 review game
-Missing product 4's practice
-4's array art
-multiplication concentration 0-4 mixed facts
-5 facts maze
-Fast Facts 5s game
-Cumulative review 0-5 mystery picture
-Missing factors with 6s
-Bump with 6s
-Domino War 0-6 mixed practice
-Circle the 7's
-You're on a Roll! practice 7s
-Square garden game cumulative review 0-7
-Roll and Solve 8s
-Make a Chain game with 8s
-Race to 100 mixed practice 0-8
-Missing Factors 9s
-5 in a Row with 9s
-Multiplication Concentration review 0-9
-Multiplication Word Search with 10s
-10s maze
-War with cards cumulative review of 0-10
-Matching Elevens
-Bumping Elevens game
-I Have Who Has cumulative review of 0-11
-True or False? with 12s
-Fast Facts game with 12s
-Speed Grid review of 0-12

The freebies included:
-Multiplication Pattern Mini Book
-Factors and Multiples puzzle pieces

This is meant to supplement your regular multiplication program by providing extra games and critical thinking printables for students in order to have repeated engagement with facts.

Click here to get it!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Introducing the Multiplication Practice Series!

Finally!  This one has been rolling around in my head for a while.

What it is:

-A set of multiplication practice mini packs created for each separate multiplication table.

 -Practice in that number and cumulative practice for 0 through that number.

For example, today I put the twos pack in my store.  There are two activities to do with the twos tables and one no prep game for mixed practice of zeros, ones, and twos.

Why do you need it?

When you're teaching multiplication (or reviewing it in upper grades), you sometimes need to target a certain set or table repeatedly.  This set of mini packs allows you to pick and choose.  Also, most teachers teach multiplication one table at a time.  Then they mix it all up at the end.  I prefer to keep reviewing what they've just learned along the way, so I've included cumulative review in each pack.  It can be hard to find mixed practice for only certain tables!  It also helps reinforce the previous tables for those students that are little slower at picking it up.

What's next?

The threes!  I'll be posting these in order.  Then at the end I'll bundle them for those of you who want the whole set.

Why did you start with twos and not zeros?

I have found that most students really don't need much practice with zeros and ones.  The twos are where it starts to get real. ;)

Head over to my TPT store and download yours today for only $1.50!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Root Beer Floasts STEM lab for Grades 4-8

I know you've all seen the cute root beer float lab for first and second graders where they see all three states of matter.  But you can use the floats in upper grade too!


I created this one for 4-8 graders.  


Review states of matter and explore the law of conservation of matter as well as physical and chemical changes with this root beer float lab.

Students measure the parts of the float as they create it to show that the mass stays the same. They also discuss whether a physical or chemical change is happening.

This lab uses the 5E method (engage, explore, explain, extend, evaluate) and includes step by step directions along with a student lab sheet. The lab sheet is 2 pages and there are several pages of detailed teacher directions with pictures.

The lab takes 45 minutes to an hour to complete.

Only $3 in my store as of NOW! 

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Fall Elementary Pinterest Round Up

It's almost fall!  Can you feel it in the air where you are?  I can't. :(  It's in the high 90's around here.  But some mornings, the air is slightly crisp until about 8:30.  I soak it in.

I thought in preparation for the season I'd share a few Pinterest boards I either follow or have on my own account for fall/autumn.  Click on the pictures of the boards to go there.

First is my personal collection for k-6:

I also like these group boards that are full of ideas:

I love the tree made out of pumpkin seeds on this one.

There's a great Fall Colors poem on this one.

Great book lists and pumpkin learning ideas on this one.

And because a lot of seasonal ideas tend to be geared to primary, I am including a few boards for upper elementary. 

There is some awesome art on this one!

This one is small but has great art AND reading/ELA activities.

Take some time with a cup of hot tea and welcome the season in with some grand fall plans!

Do you know of a fall educational board you think we should follow?  Link it in the comments!

Friday, September 9, 2016

Cute Fall Pretzel Packs Equals Fun Learning

I was walking in the store the other day and noticed these cute pretzel packs that I remember seeing on someone's blog last fall.


4th 5th and 6th grade math with Halloween pretzels

What I didn't realize last year was how inexpensive they are!  This box has 40, count 'em, 40 little packs of pretzels!  

3d 4th 5th and 6th grade fall halloween activties

And the entire box was under $5!  The decision was made.  I had to get them and make a fun learning day of them. 



It starts with a fraction math book:

fall Halloween math with fractions


Pumpkin shaped, like some of the pretzels, the book asks students to represent the their pumpkin and bat pretzels in fraction form, make equivalent fractions, compare fractions, and use ratio and percent forms of probability.

Also included are ratio art, graphing and data, and then non-math items.


halloween fall bat pumpkin math literacy science nonfiction

For non-math we have both fiction and nonfiction writing prompts, and a nonfiction fluency and comprehension selection about bats.  

We're hitting it all here!  Math, science, social science (natural problem solving integrated into the reading and comprehension), reading, fluency, nonfiction, and art...I've got you covered.


Best of all, I've specifically kept all activities related to autumn, pumpkins, and bats, not Halloween.  That means you can use this up to Thanksgiving and you don't have to worry about most students who avoid the Halloween holiday.  


The best part is, other than buying the pretzels, the only prep work is copying!


Head on over to my Teachers Pay Teachers store to download yours today!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

3 Pinterest Boards for Back to School

It's that time of year!  Every teacher is perusing Pinterest to either get new ideas or tweak an idea they already have but want to freshen up a bit.  I have three Pinterest boards that are especially timely right now.  These aren't your standard "Fractions Ideas" or "Writing" boards. These are all about Back to School.


1)  The Beginning of the School Year Board!
3 Pinterest Board for Back to School

Self explanatory right?  These are all great ideas about going back to school.  Games, ice breakers, and books for the first day.  Goal setting, jitter juice, Who am I?, activities, first day centers, meet the teacher, and more!



2)  The Cute Classroom

This one is dedicated to classroom decorations.  Bulletin boards, classroom themes, gifts, and cuter ways to organize.  It's all right here.  

And last, but certainly not least:



3) Classroom Management and Discipline

That's what we're mostly teaching those first few days anyway right?  This board has it all: lists of procedures to cover, newsletter templates, shout outs, and PLENTY of organization tricks.  


Head on over to my Pinterest page to peruse to your heart's delight!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Math Missions for 5th Graders!

Last fall I posted a product in my TPT store of math missions for 4th graders.  It quickly became one of my best sellers!  This year I'm posting the 5th grade version of the same thing.

What is it?

It's a problem of the week for 34 weeks of the school year.  Each problem requires thought, student explanation and usually multiple steps as well.

Math Missions (AKA – Problem of the Week) help you support your students’ understanding and application of the Mathematical Practices on a consistent basis. This is a comprehensive packet that covers all domains and almost every standard!

Each little booklet walks yours students through the processes of evaluating the problem, deciding on an approach and order of approach steps, working through the math, and explaining their reasoning.

These are ready to print, copy, and use!

The Math Missions pack includes 34 problems (that’s enough for the entire school year!) , centered around 5th grade standards. They cover all domains (Numbers and Base Ten, Geometry, etc…). They can be used for remediation in 6th and 7th grades or advanced practice for 4th graders as well.

 These are all aligned with common core standards and are consistent with the Smarter Balanced Assessment style.

 I've included a rubric and methodology for getting started with these, helping you and your kiddos get the most out of the process.

Head on over to my shop where you can get these today!  Have them ready for your entire school year!